Transitioning from a traditional linear economic model to a circular one is not easy – but we’re taking steps to do just that. To consume less. To consume better. And create systemic change. For our clients and for the way we work across the world.

We aspire to eliminate the ‘extract’ and ‘discard’ stages so that nothing is wasted and environmental impacts are minimised. It makes so much sense from an environmental standpoint, but also economically and socially too. The simple fact is, we cannot go on consuming the Earth’s finite resources in pursuit of endless economic growth. We need to be smarter with how we use our resources, and we’ve gotten rather good at that over the last 20 years. From this know-how, we can not only boost your business’s green credentials, but add value to what you do.

By taking an already manufactured product and repurposing it into another industry with either limited or no modifications involved to the original product, the full resmelting cycle can be avoided, and with it the CO2 impact on the environment. With industry-leading environmental accreditation, we are well versed in all aspects of tubulars reuse. We work with the oil and gas industry’s biggest players in decommissioning and OCTG disposal, firmly focused on extending a product’s life.

We deal in unused surplus OCTG stock that may be several years old, but still suitable for use in the oil and gas sector via a re-inspection. And we take pulled/used OCTG stock that has seen service in these sectors, and make it reusable for use in the construction industry for piling applications. We can refurbish and remanufacture to meet a particular project’s requirements, and we recycle whatever material we cannot repurpose. 

RAM Tubulars also strives to operate more sustainably internally too: from monitoring the fuel consumption of our vehicle fleet and reducing our paper and water consumption; to taking a more long-term view with our procurement, encouraging hybrid working and minimising travel.

Circular thinking from RAM Tubulars.